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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Funny Conversation~~

Chris: btw, why u put "bt batok" in ur nick?

Me: haha..cos my friend just now put Yishun in her nick cos it's her hometown. So i told her i will copycat

Chris: ... you copycaterpillar. never pay copyleft fees. Maybe i should also put.. but put half, put "BUKIT".. lolx

Me: LAME!!!

Chris: i still can walk, not lame yet

~*~Jaschocolate~*~ (aka Me) sent the wink "Bow"

Me: bow to ur lameness

Chris (his nick is super long) sent the wink "Bow

Chris: i also bow to ur lameness to.. haha.. for being able to bow to being lame

Me: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Chris: *switch on the fan* u seem warm.. keep on sweating.. never go update ur blog?

Me: who says.. i at least got update every once in 2 days or once a day.. Unlike someone else.. Hmphz

Chris: Updating now

Me: ur update equals to no date.. haha

Chris: no date?

Me: haha..meaning a lousy update loh.. haha

Chris: :( i not a professional blogger like u leh

Me: hey.. me not pro hor.. ppl like mr brown, xiaxue then pro...haha

Chris: That one cannot compare lah.. That one is almost like a "business" itself

Me: then compare with who.. haha.. pro is biz ah..

Chris: okie okie.. u win :x *gives up*

Me: Come.. bow to me.. haha

Chris sent the wink "Bow"

Me: thank you!! *jasmine waves to all* haha

Chris: *pengz*
Chris: *measures the thickness of jasmine's skin*

Wahaha.. that's the gist of our conversation on tues nite.. if u think it is not funny.. well.. at least it was lame.. haha.. I happened to go irc this two days.. which is so rare already.. didnt go since last sem, i think..

For ur info, the wink is a feature of the new version of MSN Messenger 7 .0.. i just updated my messenger last month and is now totally engrossed in this features.. too bad some of my friends are still using the old version and wont be able to see my Winks.. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Anyway, was chatting with Hueyling on tues, talking her i will die before 40.. then she was like.." I am 40 now loh"... oops.. anyway, i was referring to myself.. cos my lifestyle is crap.. ok.. need to prepare for work.. tata~~


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