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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Hungry like mad~~

I was so busy blogging that i forgot to eat my dinner last nite.. ok ok.. i was also too lazy to go cook it.. haha.. Never mind, i am having a BIG bowl of pork porridge now to make it up.. hope the dieting makes me a bit slimmer.. haha..

I was reading Xiaxue's blog last nite as mentioned and one of the posts is on her ideal god being a HUGE HUGE female cockroach.. think Joycelyn will scream and faint.. haha.. Can understand her own theory.. but anyway for me, i AM an ALL thinker.. originated this word from free thinker, who dont believe in any religion, while i am the opposite...meaning i believe in the existence in all religions, all types of Gods be it Chinese, Muslim, Christian... haha..

Still remember i posted an entry in a group forum during my secondary school days(cant remember which website and think the webbie had die already)... I recall i typed that i believe that all Gods of all religions exist happily with each other above our heads, in the clear blue skies above..(ya i know i know.. there is only clouds in the skies above and galaxies beyond the ozone layer.. religion is an imaginative matter.. haha)

And then came tons of reply from Christians shooting me... no wonder i dont like Christians (no offence to my Christian friends, like Valerie, etc.. haha).. Anyway, they are all trying to change my opinion.. Sorry to say that but i am sticking firmly to my belief.. the more u try to change me, the more i wont change.. i am that stubborn.. sue me if u dont like.. haha.. I think all ppl should try to understand that there are different opinions and just accept it, not force ppl to change... ok ok.. meeting Hueyling, my manager, to help her with something... better start preparing.. i am so wanting to read my dear novels... tata~~


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