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Saturday, May 14, 2005

I hate my work~~

Ok.. today is a busy day.. cos i had took some "homework" from work.. Actually, i really hate doing those paperwork... they suck and it seems like i am doing it forever.. in fact i am the only one doing it.. u can never find my supervisor doing cos i think it is just not in her class.. she is not paid so much to do such "dirty work".. In the end, i had to be the person doing it.. cos i am the one who is just paid $5 per hour. Thus i had to do ALL the dirty work... Maybe i should start another blog on her... crapping on her bad habits.. wonder whether it can last for a month or not... Hmphz.. seriously thinking about it.. haha.. guess it will be something like the "things i hate about my flatmate" blog.. Dont care already.. i am tired.. off to bed~~


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