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Monday, May 09, 2005

Leon Williams is so HANDSOME~~

Tired but still want to update a bit.. bought a starwars tumbler by upsizing my meal at BK.. dont know what that is for.. just want to have it.. haha.. give Margaret, my "godmother" at Popular a kiss as Mom's day present.. what cheapskate!?!.. ..my kiss is very worthwhile hor.. As for my mommy, i already kiss her on friday cos i knew i am working on Sunday.. Buy for her the Wanbao health booklet as present cos she wanted it..

To friends who showed concern, thanks a lot.. will definitely see a doc soon.. planning to see a chinese one.. any recommendation? Anyway, my brown stuff is turning to red blood, telling me that my actual period is coming.. wish it hurry up.. A bit down with the flu these few days, maybe is due to the rain, cold weather.. My throat is also acting up.. must curb on the urge of buying fast food to eat for meals..

Just now was fooling around with Hui Ping.. Both of us are madly inlove with Leon Williams, the male model from Singaporean, who got famous in Taiwan.. wahaha.. he is so shuai.. my kind of yandao.. whoops.. think my saliva is dripping... time for bed.. i want to go dream of yandao le..

Wow.. he looks so good!

Wahaha.. he acted cute.. but still so good-looking


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