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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Ms Universe + Updates

Alright, the winner is Ms Canada.. Loved her dark brown tresses... nice...

But personally, i like Ms PR (Pureto Rico) more.. More exotic look ( i was actually going to use erotic.. but my brother said it's the wrong meaning.. but then she really turn me on mah.. ya, i'm a bit of a les sometimes). She is the first runner by the way and her hair is awesome too..

My brother just came back from Bangkok on Monday, and i said he should have stayed for 2 more days.. wahaha... his hotel is quite near the event place... My brother was looking at the swimsuit parade and he concluded that the swimwear sucked, being white and all.. Not sure it is a bikini or underwear.. hahaha.. ok... the view from men.. only managed to see the swimwear part.. The swimwear is sponsored by BC* Swimwear (the * is because i scared i will get sued and mainly because i forgot the name already.. wahaha..)

Anyway, i noticed that in the top 10 finalists, there are 4 holding on to a degree, and most of the rest are still schooling... Hmm... See, they also got brains besides beauty... So stop saying that they are bimbos and all. I bet your eyes are glued to the tv when you are complaining..


I was bored and went to the Singapore.craigslist and saw this

any woman want to become an American citizen

24yo white male extremely large penis willing to help. let me know

Ok.. this is funny.. what's up with the penis anyway... Question mark, question mark, question mark...

Joycelyn is more or less back to blogging... She said she is a bit tired and may just stop... Not sure what is bothering her.. She must be facing a lot of stress.. Not having a job sucks.. Anyone got any lobang.. 2 cute gals looking for a job, decent ones pls.. (who is the other cute gal? ME LAH!! What was you thinking?)

Watching the "Made in Singapore" now... showing that Singaporeans really love to eat a lot.. so much so that one will miss the food more than their families when they went aboard to study or so... I agree totally.. especially since i just read about the Food Expo 2005 and Big Fuck's post on his craving last week... Ya, pretty pathetic hor.. we are so controlled by our stomachs.. sob sob.. and we just ended up getting fatter and fatter.. sad...

Game for the day: Environment-Friendly Mahjong
This is actually a simpler version of the REAL mahjong.. You just need to get 3 sets of the same designs.. Dont ask me how to get higher scores.. i dont know.. play for fun when you have no mahjong kaki and Yahoo!Mahjong get too slow..


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