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Monday, May 09, 2005

New song + stupid thing happenin~~

Haha.. Just change to a song by Leon Williams, "Cant smile without u".. not really his song cos he re-sing it but still nice anyway..

Something funny and stupid happened this morning.. was going to toilet to do "small biz" and then my pad dropped into the toilet bowl.. Dont ask me how that can happen.. let just say my brand of pads cant stick very well and i am not in the clear state of mind... Anyway, i have to pick up the damn thing. I cant flush it as it may or rather WILL choke the toilet bowl if i dont.. Lucky i havent urinate yet.. yuCks... It was of course dripping wet.. and i waste a lot of toilet paper on it.. so not environment friendly... But then think it is funny.. first time it happen to me..

Mom helped me to wash my hair today.. so bad of me cos yesterday IS Moms' day and then also cos her hands are starting to rot.. okok.. not really rot but a bit like lah.. cos she had an allergy.. Anyway, she applied some olive oil on my hair before washing aS she think my hair is too dry.. when i finished rinsing the foams, i found my hair so oily.. think the oil worked but it mean i wont want to touch my hair for the time being... ok need to go work.. tata~~


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