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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Painful act~~

I was watching "I Guess*3" and just saw that there is this superstition thing in Ping Tung(Taiwan).. where the people will go to this temple to get their bums smacked to change their luck.. Ouch~~

I think it is painful, even the guy in the video seemed tortured... Alas, the things people do for superstition.. If anyone actually went to do this before or in the future, do let me know whether it is as painful as it looked, whether it is actually the same as those Bao gong shows, where the suspects got smacked for punishments... If it is, maybe i will go try... Errr.. maybe only... After all, it is in Taiwan, miles and miles away from me...

Coincidentally, I just finished the story, "I Believe You".. Its author, Low Kay Hwa, is a fan of Jacky Wu(host of I Guess*3) so much that the male character is named after him(Yucks.. sorry.. cant help it..reading the name makes me laughed throughout the touching story). No game tonight cos i was busy finishing the story.. shoo.. go read it too.. dont play so much game..

By the way, i got one problem.. How do you pronounce "Kylie".. I always pronounced as "Kind lee", but the gal in "I Guess*3"pronouced it as "Care lee".. Guess i'm wrong but i still hope i'm right.. Damn..

P.S. I adopted a pet online in case no one noticed.. named it "cocoa" for obvious reasons.. Pls played with it to keep it occupied.. i am a bad owner..


  • Is this my first comment? can't rmb...

    i think its pronounced kai-lee.

    Anyway that story oso got Landy so I think the writer muz have been listening to Wu Ding when he wrote the story...

    By Blogger crap de la crap, at 1:57 PM  

  • Yeah, it's your "virgin" comment here.. Oh my god.. i must cherish this moment...

    Anyway, thanks for telling me i'm right with the "kai lee", thingy...

    As for the "wu ding" thingy, i wont know but can help you to ask.. I had the author on my msn.. or you can ask him yourself. His msn is kayhwa85@hotmail.com

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 4:17 PM  

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