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Friday, May 13, 2005

The pains of a newly graduated student~~

Do you find people asking you constantly where are you working now and what type of jobs are you looking for? If the answer is a big big "YES", congratulation, for you have just experienced the pains of a newly graduated student.

You will just discover that you no longer had the excuse to laze around at home doing nothing, without being nagged for not looking for a job.

Yes, you can bullshit about the economy being bad, etc etc.. and then get beaten on the head by the recruit section of Strait Times. You can argued that the jobs being featured are all not in your line of work, only to be shot back with the sentence," And what exactly IS your line of work? You are a freshie in the society, for christ's sake."

Alright, i admit that i just want to take a good long break before my official entry into the "real" adult world. Is it too much to ask? Yeah, i know a break required a official date to end, but haven't you heard of infinity? Cant my break be that too?

For all family and friends, thanks for your concern with regards to my worklife (or soon to have worklife?).. but it's really time for you guys to be more concerned over your own life.. So the next time any stupid fellow still dare to ask me the same stupid questions about finding what type of jobs, etc etc.. dont by surprised that my reply just might be a "fuck off".

P.S. "Fuck off" is such a good ending line but i still need to tell something so... To some of my friends.. No, i'm not going to uni because i dont have the money and no, it's not a pity as i am still alive and can go in the future..


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