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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Plastic... Will you do it?

I saw on tv about the news that 3 in 10 ( cant remember the figure.. think is this) Korean Uni students went for plastic surgery.. OMG.. then i asked myself whether i will do this too.. and my answer is: " If i am in a country where plastic surgery is considered common in the culture, plus it is cheap and easily available, then YES, i will do it.."

Not that i am not happy with what i had (who am i kidding, of cos i am not happy), but when you compared to other people, you will always want to be them.. to be better.. and that sucks... low esteem surfaced... But frankly, even if you ask what i want to change, i wont know... so what about you? Will you do it? Why do you want to do it? Can let me know.. me kaypoh..

Think we people are pathetic.. cos we lived by others' expectations so much that we are willing to change ourselves.. Why? Is other people so much more important than you and your family? I bet if you tell you mother, you want to do plastic surgery, she will want to give you a tight slap (at least i think my mom will do that.. or she will scold me for being crazy).

Why cant we just be more confident of ourselves and be happy with what we have...We know it is not possible but we kept on deceiving ourselves... As Aimee had said before,

"..all this wanting the opposite of what we were granted is spurred on by that vicious little beast Human Nature. It can be an odd little entity, that whole Human Nature thing, makes us do crazy things. But alas, it's just another one of those strange little intricacies that makes life keep moving."

Alright then.. no complaints.. needed it to keep life going.. But i still think all we need is a little bit of confidence in ourselves (which i am still trying to find)... And i super want to copy the Black beer advertisement slogan, "Why change yourself to suit the environment, when you can change the environment to suit yourself"... Yea, that's what i will do..


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