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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The RIGHT Parenting Style

I was walking to work one day and i saw this father and son.

The little boy is shouting and crying for his dad to carry him. However the father reprimand him and scolded him, saying that he will not carry him and he should walk on his own.

Finally, the father lowered his tone and spoke more gently, saying that the son cannot expected to be carried all the time.. He said he will only carry him when they are crossing the road. And the little boy stopped crying then, only hiccup a bit due to the crying. The boy looked so "ke lian" but still very adorable...

When they reached the road, which had lots of traffic, the father indeed carried his son...

You may find it weird why i will mention this small thing. Although small, but it represent a good example of how a parent should teach their children. As more and more couples married late, they tend to have only one child. Thus when the child screamed for attention, they will attend to him/her immediately, resulting in a formation of a spoilt brat in the future. However, the father above did not do that. Although he was a bit harsh on the child at the beginning, he was quite gentle after that (maybe because he realised that he was too tough? After all the boy is still so young). I really need to applause his good parenting. Never pamper a child too much, unless you want him/her to be useless when they grow up.

P.S. I only took pics of their backs because i am not in a good position (walking behind them) and i also dont dare to.. haha :p

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Remember, play it only when really, really, really bored... cos it's lame...


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