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Thursday, May 12, 2005


The Urban section of Strait Times papers today shows a great collection of shoes.. wow.. so nice.. i also got to know the existence of two brands, Ruby Sky and Barcode (ya.. i dont go shopping a lot.. even if i do, it's a bookstore i'm at.. not a shoe store).. Think i want to go check out the design.. The owner of Barcode is going to set up another store at Marina Square, called Passion at the end of this month, i think.. it will specialise in selling heels.. haha.. maybe i should check it out.. cos she promised is those that has a more that 2 inch heels type of shoes.. hahaha..

But then i think i cant wear heels.. all my heels cant seem to last more than 2 months.. in actual fact, the heels got in a pretty bad shape the first day i wear it.. what can i say.. maybe i am a bottom heavy person (hmm.. seem to have no connection hor Image hosted by Photobucket.com) or i just step too hard on my shoes.. hmm.. but i wanted to try higher shoes so i can look taller, cos my height is really the height of the average Jane.. (opps.. not talking about u, Jane Chia... if u are reading this in ur busy life)..

I also tend to buy the wrong size... Actually the main prob is that both my feet ARE of different size.. so naturally the shoes can only fit one foot perfectly and badly on another... ya ya.. i know i can put in something in the smaller shoe to make it fit.. i am not an idiot, ok.. But i was thinking how come there is not a shop to help customers customise their shoes in terms of size and design (I think there WAS one the last time but i dont know where it is..) Maybe i can consider setting up one since i am so reluctant to find a job.. oops.. i forgot i dont have the capital.. anyone who to be my business partner? Preferably someone who is filthy rich and dont mind me throwing his/her money away.. wahaha..


  • Hey!I too ahev the same problem as u have..my one foot size is different from the other foot..its hard to find the perfect shoes for us.

    By Blogger Lizy, at 2:55 PM  

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