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Monday, May 30, 2005


To all retail people, have you ever experienced the customers throwing the money in front of you, instead of passing it nicely to you?

Well, I had some customers doing that to me.. Sometimes, i was busy packing the items into the bags, thus the customers placed the money on the counter.. i can understand this situation.. But sometime, when my hands are both nicely stretched out in front of the customer, waiting to collect the money and the customer still can throw it on the counter, i can feel my facial expression changing..

And i noticed that the ones who did this are usually the ones who only paid at most 20 bucks or less... Some people were even just paying 2 Bucks and still can act so jialat... Really Ta Ma De..

On a good day, i can still forgive the stupid fellow and remain my cheerful self... But on a bad day, all i want to do is to "KNN, Bastard, Go to hell" the person and throw my fist in his face or kick his ass.. (unless he is handsome, then can considered forgiving him)..

Wau lau, i am not a beggar loh, you really dont need to act so superior.. I am just a retail assistant (part time somemore) and you are just buying something you want to buy.. I did not force you to buy... If you dont want to pay, just DONT BUY!

To all snobs out there: Please learnt that there is something called "BEING HUMBLE", which obviously does not run in your family since your parents obviously DID NOT teach you that...


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