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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Soft Drink Murderer~~

Just saw this article..

Asking ppl not to drink too much soft drinks.. to think i drank a lot last nite during dinner and before i sleep.. in actual fact.. RIGHT NOW.. how to curb this urge.. i like to drink it everytime i am tired, upset, bad mood, etc etc etc... It just give me a natural high feeling, making me feel very happy..

Suddenly remember my tour guide on the Taiwan trip asking us not to drink coca cola cos it contain a very bad aka dangerous chemical.. he ask us to go catch a cockroach (Joycelyn may freak out if she is asked to do this.. maybe i can do this.. and present it to her as a birthday gift.. just imagine her face when she open the wrapping.. think will just throw the stuff and jump.. okok.. i should not be thinking of scaring my friends.. haiz..boring life)

Then drown the cockroach in a glass of coca cola for a few days.. and u will discover only... TADA~~ the wings and legs of the poor poor cockroach left.. Yucks.. that's an example to tell us how poisonous the drink is and the stuff it will do to ur inner if u drink it.. and the thing is I AM DRINKING IT RIGHT NOW... pretty shit hor.. no wonder my teeth is rotting already..

My tour guide also said we can drink pepsi cola but not coca cola.. how come? He is so like advertising for pepsi loh.. If anyone from the coca cola company saw this, pls dont sue me.. sue the guide.. he is the main murderer of ur brand name.. not me.. me innocent.. but i do recall ppl dying from drinking coca cola before.. my friend sent me through email so not sure of the validity of news but they said it is cos the person forgot to clean the outside of the can and drink some insecticide (did i get the spelling right... i need tuition.. bah.. lucky never volunteer for Joycelyn's tutoring lessons for some poor kid in Woodlands.. think i will kill the kid.. : p)

Now i wonder, maybe the dead person had been drinking coca cola for quite some time and so died.. then coca cola company bribed ppl to say that the person was careless and drink the insecticide accidentally.. or maybe the chemical IS a part of insecticide so no need to bribe.. the company just need to crap this reason.. like that very sad.. coca cola is my favourite drink and i had always preferred it over pepsi.. now how.. no wonder i predict i will died before 40.. so friends, u now understand why i had to die young.. it is all to sacrifice myself for the sake of the public.. showing all of u why it is not good to drink coke.. see i so good.. :p

Wahaha.. bow to my lameness ba.. Chris.. :p Once again, i had conquered.. enough of my crapping.. if u guys wonder why Chris must bow to me.. i will show u later.. haha... our conversation last nite.. but later.. now must go eat breakfast.. yes.. breakfast at 12 plus... pls dont faint.. must remember that my dinner is at suppertime so naturally my breakfast is at lunch time loh.. wahaha.. my mom is so sweet.. peeling grapes and feeding it to me now.. we two like so act cute... no choice.. i hate to take out the seeds in the grapes so she had to do the job.. We two also very funny.. this morning, i want to read the Sunday Zao Bao for an article on Xiaxue.. then mom said she dont know if she had cook it (in mandarin.. so pls translate urself).. so i cheekily ask her why she want to cook it.. for eating ah.. actually i know she meant that she had used the papers to cover the floor during cooking so that the floor wont be so oily.. haha.. that's me and my mom.. funny when we two are not arguing..

My Sweet MOMMY~~
sweet mommy

Me with my mouth full
me busy eating

So many big big grapes for the two of us to finish
plate of big big grapes

I ate like ten of this grape.. full!
grape without the seeds!!

If u guys notice that my bloggie is getting very quiet.. it is because i had took away the music.. Just realise that the health promotion board is also using this song :S yes.. this song as the theme song for their teeth advertisement.. so i remove it since my teeth is rotting and i so scared of dentist (all thanks to my pri sch dentist, who helped me to bu ya.. not once..not twice but three times in a single session.. i was sobbing my heart out the whole session..) ..
Time for beauty sleep and food.. tata~~


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