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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Talking to myself pt 1~~

Back and currently having 2 chicken wings as my dinner aka supper.. dont want to take any rice as i think that is hard to digest and that i dont want it to add to my current weight.. not that the fried and very very oily chicken wings help anyway...

Actually, some of my friends (specially Chris) will notice that my dinner time is usually very late.. this is because i believe that it is hard for food to digest if u bathe immediately after eating.. u have to wait for around 30mins at least.. and i stress the words "at least"... only then u can bath.. Being a naturally lazy person, i dont want to wait so i form the habit of bathing before eating.. And also being a naturally lazy person, i tend to drag my bath time till late late.. thus resulting in my dinner becoming supper..

And i sincerely believe that this had resulted in my weak stomach (due to missing meals too often or long intervals between meals) and flu-covered nose (cos the late nite bathing do affect the body too).. But what to do.. i am just too much of a lazybone..Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Okok.. i go eat the wings.. come back soon


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