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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tired & Bored~~

So tired.. went to work today.. didnt get much rest wor.. brought some snack to Popular for the staff to eat.. haha.. Anyway, still too tired to blog about the trip cos i think that will be a long one.. wahaha.. anyway, saw Joycelyn's blog about the fat vs slim topic, how ppl think fat = ugly..

Basically, for me, i believe in the quote, "there are no ugly women in the world, there is only lazy women". haha.. anyone is pretty in their own sense, just that they need to find their unique features.. most ppl will definitely feel inferior once in a while (or frequently, like me, haha).. No one should be affected by it much, because the inferiority is due to comparsion.. anyway, the main theory is "If u dont compare, u wont feel inferior".. wahaha... Hmph.. Am i making any sense here?

Anyway, still sorting out things.. dont think got enough things for my friends.. haha.. Ok, enough crap le.. i need rest.. bah.. nitey~~


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