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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tv shows ~~

If u ask me why i suddenly changed my "quite nice and otherwise also considered cute" template to a ugly (hahaha.. think still ok) and predefined one.. my reply is " i dont know".. wahaha.. just want to see everything back in one screen.. and lazy to click here and there.. Then i really wonder how come my tagboard get pushed down again.. seriously thinking whether i should just remove it.. wahaha..

Just realised that if u search for Leon Jay Williams and LocalBrand on Yahoo, u can see my bloggie on the list.. wahaha.. at least that what some ppl did.. but i try to do it too but think my bloggie is so far behind..

Back to the topic onhand.. want so bored that i watch tv today at home.. Saw a recast of "Triple Nine" featuring Wong Li Lin and James Lye.. the acting and production is really lousy.. can the stupid cameraman stops moving in circles around the actors in the last scene, which happen to be a kissing scene.. what is it about kissing and moving in circles.. it definitely didn’t make me view it more nicely.. only more dizzy from it.. another stupid scene is the one with Li Lin being investigated by a guy.. her hand was supposed to be injured and in a cast.. but that scene showed her hand in perfect order..then later her hand is back in a cast.. wahhaha..really tells us the quality of the shows back then.. wonder why I even watch it then.. think I watch it because of Wong Li Lin and James Lye.. cos they really look good together.. they are the silver screen couple on ch 5 while Fann wong and Thomas ong are the couple on ch 8..

wow.. really miss seeing James Lye. He is soooo hunky.. wahaha.. the last new on him was when he married Diana Ser..

Speaking of Fann and Thomas.. they are on the cover of this week’s I weekly.. so shuai and pretty.. too bad fann got Christopher already.. oh ya.. the two of them(meaning fann and christopher) finally admit to their 3 yr r/s.. so cool.. Christopher is a sweetheart.. hope they two got married.. fann was my favourite back then until other younger idols pushed into my heart to gain a place.. wahaha..

Oh ya.. i actually wanted to see "stress out" and " zi you feng".. but ended up sleeping.. haha.. lucky i still managed to watch the recast of "zi you feng'... This week they went to Korea.. one of the place i want to go free n easy.. haha.. they featured a cultural street.. think i want to go there.. suit my tastes cos got tea shops, art shops, etc etc.. see i so cultured.. haha.. but too bad i miss "stress out".. they are showing the remedy for common cold.. eg, go for spa.. Haiz..


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