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Friday, May 27, 2005

Val Helsing...

Just finished watching Val Helsing movie on DVD.. (ya.. i'm slow..). My eyes are more on the Friar Carl than Val Helsing himself.. Carl is played by Australian actor, David Wenham, who had also starred as Faramir in LOTR 2.

My brother was saying that the scene in the church is a bit like James Bond, where Val Helsing collected his secret weapons.. I like the funny conversations between Val and father and Carl.. The rest.. suck though.. i can also guess where the lead characters will want to kiss and etc etc.. Love the excitement of the movie though.. Guess it is a movie best to be watched by a couple, where both can snuggled up with each other while enjoying the movie...

Oh yeah, by the way, this DVD was rented online through Hollywood Clicks.. Cool.. There are tons of DVDS available and i'm going to go and rent Finding Neverland now.. WoOhoO!!


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