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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What Color Is Your Aura?

OMG.. i am so bloody red.. haha.. Me a chef? hopes no one dies from food poisoning... hahaha.. Should have study harder in jc and become a surgeon.. great pay wor.. Oh god.. i do need a secure guy.. a "right" guy.. where is he? Pls come out asap.. tired of waiting for him..

Your Aura is Red

Your Personality: Self-confident and stunning, you live in the now! You love life and experience all it has to offer.

You in Love: You're a bit private and have trouble opening up. You need a secure guy who can deal with your independence.

Your Career: Your ideal job gives you a ton of control and concrete results. Consider being a chef, surgeon, or architect.

What Color Is Your Aura? Take This Quiz :-)


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