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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

What's the big deal about this blogging business?

I was reading through the past few days' newspapers and find this....

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It is an article on Sunday Times... The article is mainly to let us know that the contents we blog should not be libellous as we may just get sued by someone or some organization one day.. that our blog is not, and i repeat, NOT our own personal space so we are not to rant and rave at our free will anymore.. crap... At most i dont type the names of who i am ranting.. then should be fine right?

Anyway, what's all the big fuss over blogging these days... Seems like there is a lot of interviews over blog celebrities lately... why dont those ppl just go and blog, then they will know why WE blog... Opps.. i forgot.. those ppl have A life.. so they are TOO busy to blog.. no time.. uh uh.. no no.. blogging is not for ppl like them.. it's for ppl like us.. and what can us be defined as? Any suggestions? Besides bloggers, i seriously cant think of any..

To all Singaporeans, although we are starting to follow USA for a lot of things.. but pls kindly remember that we are NOT in USA.. Although free speech is allowed but we cant really say anything bad... See what happen to the poor guy who insulted the PAP aka Lee Kuan Yew.. he is now squatting in somewhere in Malaysia, broke and friendless.. So dont be stupid, the only thing we learn from USA is the habit of sueing ppl.. Anyhow, we will want to sue ppl.." u dare to insult my mother and i will sue you", etc etc.. And we definitely cant get away from doing this, i think..

P.S. All comments are made from personal observation and if in any way, i was wrong.. i can only say "Sorry lah!!"


  • Hahaha, our constitution does NOT allow free speech. They have clauses against racism and speech against govt I think.

    And the fuss is due to a friend whose blog I followed. He put up a post which was deemed defamatory by A* (I don't think so and a lot of bloggers don't think so either). So A* threatened lawsuit. And that's it... Suddenly our quiet, peaceful blogosphere is infected by subjective journalists from our great newspaper.

    Anw, go promote your RSS, hehe! I'm following your blog through your RSS. =)

    By Anonymous cH, at 12:11 PM  

  • Hmm.. alright i will try.. me IT idiot.. hee

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 12:17 AM  

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