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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Yet another day~~

Wor.. just back.. spent the whole afternoon at Holland V... Hueyling treated me to eat lunch at Fei cui la mian resturant.. we shared a bowl of chicken soup la mian, a portion of xiao long bao and a plate of fried pumpkin pastry... Wow.. super nice.. Then went to Haagen Daz to eat ice-cream.. i ordered a very sweet chocolatey dessert, Chocolate Decadence, while Hueyling ordered Sweet Temptation... Then we spent 2 hours there, where i helped her to translate english into chinese.. my Chinese really cannnot make it.. haha.. also help her to write her comments in English.. think my English also cannot make it.. haha.. should i go British Council for English lessons? Anyway, then we moved to Swensens for fries, fried and sauteed mushrooms and also to continue the writing.. the FRIED mushrooms sucked but the SAUTEED mushrooms are wonderful.. stay and chat till 8 plus.. really share a lot of our thoughts.. then took the bus home.. think Hueyling spent a lot today on treating me.. over $80 plus wor.. she also gave me a cute wallet, a freebie from the Sisters magazine she bought... Me go rest rest le.. tired..

For those who like Guang Liang "Tong Hua", click on the link for the flash.. super nice..

Me and Hueyling at Swensen...
Me and Hueyling tired after a day at Holland V

Cute freebie from Sisters mag...
Cute wallet


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