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Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I was chatting with Joycelyn just now...(Below is the recap of conversation, not actual words, ok...)

Me: I think my body sucks..
Joycelyn: If your body sucks, then my one will be damn jialat
Me: But you got breasts
Joycelyn: Breasts = fat. And i think everyone got breasts
Me: Breasts mean fat in the right places...But there is a diff..

After which, i went to Yahoo to search for websites on breasts so that i can get pics and show her the diff... Yeah, i'm stubborn... Ended up finding

- A list of the different terms for breasts and their definitions, eg boobs, tits or jugs....

- The mystery of Britney Spears' breasts... Funny~~

- Breasts Through The Ages.. Woah.. information overload..

Here's a Breast Gallery, with all sorts of breasts.. considered RA but more of the sick kinds...

Finally found this pic to show diff but Joycelyn is already offline.. So Joycelyn, see.. told you got diff already.. fat or not fat..

Photo from Crackheads.org

To all females (plus some males): Please remember to do Breast Self Exam (BSE) for early detection of breast cancer. Here's the Online Breast Exam, teaching you how to do it.


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