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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The calls from nowhere..

Ummm.. just read Mandrake's post on receiving the wrong sms from some strangers... I recalled that this happened to me before and i was pretty scared that time.. cos i stupidly replied to the guy and then he kept disturbing me and i stupidly entertained him back.. In the end, my good friend, Jane, helped me to call him and asked him not to disturb me... And her retribution? The guy started to hit on her.. haha.. ok, not very funny for my friend's sake.. but it was damn entertaining..

Nowadays, i still get some weird calls but mostly was diverted from my old line.. i got a mind to march to M1 and asked them whether they had given this line to someone else.. Imagine some poor ah pek or ah beng paying for this number every month but no one called them.. so ke lian.. Haha.. once again i think too much.. maybe they just dialed the wrong no lah and got me instead of their dear friends.. But got me also not bad mah.. me Kawaii ne desuka.. haha

One more thing about phone number is that my home phone always kena calls calling for clinics, shops, etc etc.. I recall one phone call the most.. That time i was working like almost everyday at Popular and so that day i received the call, i went like "Good morning, West Mall Popular".. Opps.. and the lady actually called wrongly lah and i need to tell her that this is a residence phone number.. so malu...

The most irritating phone calls are from fax machines.. As you know the machines will keep on trying and trying and it damn frustating to pick up the calls every few mins and heard "do do" or whatever sound of sending files.. I got a mind to go and buy a fax machine and see what the hell ppl are sending to my home.. Anyone wants to donate a fax machine to me? I also accept cash and payments by paypal.. haha


  • If u got ur old dialup modem, u can configure it with a fax software and u can send/receive faxes..

    Then maybe can fax them back say they fax to the wrong number? wahaha..

    By Anonymous Chris, at 7:05 PM  

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