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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Can YOU just give us the bloody seats!!!

Today i went out to meet my poly friends for a short gathering... Feel more refreshed after sleeping.. Only Karen, Joycelyn, Kit Yee, Cheng Ying, Dave, Michelle, Michelle's BF and I were there.. Some of us were late as usual, including me.. haha..

We wanted to eat at Makansutra but it was pretty crowded so we went to Marina Square foodcourt instead... As there is 8 ppl in our group, it kinda posed some difficulty in finding a table... Finally we aimed one table that is big enough and all the ppl sitting there had finished their food...

So some of us went to sit at the empty seats at the table while waiting for the ppl to go.. Usually, any normal ppl want start to pack up and leave... But not this stupid batch of ppl, who took their time in sipping their drinks, which had like three mouths of water in the cups at most, and chit chatting.. And somemore one guy and one gal even "diao" (stared at) my friend loh..

WTF, you owe the place ah... Just because your group came early and got the seats, doesnt meant you can sit there forever loh... You had satisfied your hunger already so at the very minimum, you should give up your seats to those who needed it.. The whole lot of us are either sick (Michelle, Michelle's BF and me) or exhausted after a day of work (most of us, except me).. So wont it be polite to let us have the seats and dragged your sorry ass to sit at the esplanade when you can chat till daylight and no one will stop you... Bastards loh..

What's the use of having courtesy campaign every year when the attitudes of Singaporeans still remain so selfish and self-centered.. The money can be put to better use loh.. No wonder they said there is poor service in Singapore.. None of us are willing to degrade ourselves to serve others to the extent of "good service".

I wasnt around when the gal "diao" my friend, otherwise i will want to push her into the toilet and give her a few tight slaps... I mean, if you are chio bu and yandao, i can somehow understand how you got the attitude (probably apple polished a lot by others).. But look at yourself.... All the five guys are like fatso... and the only good thing about the gals are that they are not overweight... So how did you get your attitude? Is it you kena bully ppl too much and want to have revenge...

One bad thing about Singaporeans is that if we follow others' bad paths.. like i hog the place, then others will also want to hog their places and dont like others have it.. Lucky i managed to find a seat later on for all of us.. You really need luck to find seats in Singapore's food courts... Lucky we didnt wait for the group of bastards as they are still sitting there till we are halfway through our meals... And of cos, my group also sat there for a while to chit chat.. but by then at 9pm, the food court are quite empty already, so we are forgiven... (hey, if got a lot of ppl, we will give up our seats, ok)

Oh ya, forgot to mention that i had dim sum and spaghetti for dinner.. the spaghetti is quite lousy, not really worth the $3.80 i spent.. Cheng Ying brought me the 2 energy albums i asked her to buy.. now i must quickly sell it off... Still owe Cheng Ying $36 though... haha

Then,we went to walk a bit at Marina Square but as it was under renovation and quite late, there is nothing much to look at.. Karen, Kit Yee and Dave shared a ice-cream from dont know where... i only know i want to eat that for a long time but always no opportunity.. like today is due to sore throat.. sob sob... They still tempt me like that, dont like my friends anymore... I took some pics of them... and even have one cute pic of Joycelyn patting Karen on the head.. haha.. Oh ya, Karen wore a skirt today... so rare and i heard she tripped in it in the morning.... haha.. Loss of face.. Anyway, i will upload them tomorrow...

After that, Cheng Ying, Joycelyn and i went to Esplanade Bay to chat while the rest went home.. We chatted about many things, quite personal stuff.. and whether i should accept one job.. Basically like that only.. Then i had to take a cab home today cos no train left for me.. only Joycelyn and Cheng Ying still can take the train to Kranji.. not bad.. i took the Prestige cab and it only costed $15.30... I almost thought will cost more and borrowed 10 bucks from Joycelyn.. But dont have leh and the cab is quite comfortable.. in fact more comfortable than comfort cabs (opps..). Ok, time to rest..


  • Wah. Sick can still blog so often!


    By Blogger Fort, at 6:11 AM  

  • sadly those assholes are everywhere. sigh

    tat place food not exactly very delicious...bit pricey too. :|

    By Blogger Ah 9, at 1:49 PM  

  • fort: can.. just that i dont know what i am typing..

    Ah 9: Agree but one need to eat.. any food taste nice when vry hungry..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 9:03 PM  

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