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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Once again, i conveniently forgot to eat my meals(usually wake up at 12pm mah) and only ate dinner. Mom cooked my favourite today..


There goes my resolve to diet.. haha... The pic above only showed half the amount of chicken wings.. the other half is already in my brother's and my stomachs.. Heehee....

Although this is only a simple meal, but i'm glad for it.. I had friends who said they rarely have homecooked meals (right, Christine?), so i feel really fortunate that i can enjoyed this while i can.. After all, mom cant be with me all the time right?

Went by West Mall Popular to buy Energy's limited albums, cos i want to resell it at Yahoo Auction.. haha.. try try mah.. cos i never sell things online before, only buy things.. I also bought some chinese novels that i had already reserved..

One thing occurred when i was picking out my books (ya, i got some much books stashed that i need to choose which to buy), one female customer asked me some questions... Since it is pretty obvious that i am not working since i am dressed in t-shirt and shorts, i still replied her out of courtesy and as the staff in the department are not free... However, she ended asking and asking.. After one last question, i decided to "xiang", meaning to rush off. No choice cos i am not exactly paid for answering the questions loh.. waste my time to stand and answer and answer.. Answer one or two still ok for me, but if keep on like that, i dont need to go home and watch tv liao.. Lucky i had finish choosing my books already. Went to pay and then went WM counter to get free gifts since i spent over $30. Got a free notepad and a TS voucher..

Then went to NTUC to buy drinks as there are none at home and i need to drink some drink other than water when eating (ya.. havent eat yet.. heehee). Bought 1 1.5litres bottle of Sprite, 1 1.5litres bottle of Raspberry 7-up and 1 pack of 6 cans of lemon tea.. Damn heavy loh.. i had to carry all this plus the books home.. Tired.. Those who walked from the mrt station to my place before should know my pain.. not very near loh..

Surfed blogs by clicking the [Next Blog] on my bloggie.. Found a lot of new blogs and now, my list of favourites is getting very very long.. I will add them to my link soon.. One blog i recommend to Tomorrow.Sg and it get featured.. Haha.. Check it out here. Err.. it's in Mandarin so ppl like Chris no need go and click.. Dont waste time..see i so good to you ppl.. :p

Today is the last epsiode of Ch 8's 9pm show, "Yin Chai Yang Cuo".. I didnt know and so wasnt really paying attention.. but it really is a nice show and has a very creative way of showing how the hell looks like to us.. Ok.. that's all.. Back to work tomorrow or to be precise later on in the morning... Oh, and answers to Mr Machine's questions would have to be sadly delayed for a while.. at most a day and a half, i think.. Well, let's see..


  • wah say, the chicken wings looked like stir-fried brinjal, which is one of my fave dishes. you know, fibre content and all...
    anyway, compliments to le chef!

    By Blogger andrew, at 9:14 AM  

  • wahlau leh... the chick wings really look shiok ah..


    By Anonymous AW, at 10:10 AM  

  • andrew: Is it? Haha.. i wont know.. dont know how a brinjal looks like.. Thanks, i will tell my mom her cooking is greatly appreciated..

    aw: It is even more shiok when you bite into it.. super nice.. haha

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:50 PM  

  • Disgusting! The chicken was more comparable to a sausage, or Andrew's animal's stools...

    Don't mind me.


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    Comments appreciated
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    By Blogger Rachael, at 1:17 AM  

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