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Monday, June 27, 2005

Do not try this at home...

This morning i gagged TWICE!!! Oh my god.. Pregnant?

i am not pregnant lah... The main culpit is actually this...

The new flavour of toothpaste mom bought..

Hydro Fresh gel somemore...

Think it dont go well with my stomach.. I accidentally swallowed a tiny bit and out came all my breakfast.. Didnt finish in the first round? Here we go, 2nd round of gagging... Disgusting..

My advice to all: Dont try this.. Stick to the original taste.. Ahhh.. i want my toothpaste.. And i think if i keep on gagging my meals, i can be super thin liao.. Not a bad idea.. being a bulimia..


When i went downstairs to go to work today, i was greeted by an ear deafing noise... ok ok.. not so loud lah.. but loud enough to be noticed and it goes on and on... What is it? Chitchatting sounds made by the dozens of birds that are in the cages hung at level one.. Think is the bi-monthly or semi-monthly meeting of the bird lovers around my area... So many of ah peks gathering at my block with their birds... I pity those who stayed at level 4 and below.. cos their precious morning sleep will be greatly disturbed.. haha...

Saw this cat during my walk to work.. She is on alert mode... Aiming at a wild bird... Think of how happy she will be if i carried her to my void deck.. all the delicious birds in the cages.. Ok, i am a bad girl...

Btw, i used blogger to upload the above pics... so happy that it can finally upload pics.. save time for me...


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