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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

G Mask Wrap, anyone?

Eat too fast, ended up now my stomach is in pain... Jiu min ah.... Help help...

Saw this booth at J8 yesterday, called G Mask. Here's the overview:

G Mask Beauty wrap is Singapore's pioneer in helping consumers in protecting their electronic gadgets from daily wear and tear..

We use an ultra thin film to wear and protect the electronic gadgets, including the keypads. The film is so thin that you will not feel the wrap!

Anyway, the website dont show much. It is best to go to the booths to take a peek. The booths are at Jurong Point, Junction 8, Suntec and Plaza Singapore.

The price is $38 for a wrap, $48 for express wrap (meaning within an hour) and a package of 5 wraps for $115. I like the wraps, and plan to take the packages by sharing with other people. Any takers?


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