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Monday, June 06, 2005

Guys can be absentminded TOO!!!

Just back from meeting Shyan Jun at Junction 8 and now going to work soon.. Ya.. helping to pack books from the clearance sale.. Hopefully the OT rate is high.. probably working from 10 plus till 2am, like that..

Actually, i almost forgot about today's date, like the gal Ah 9 mentioned in his post.. totally forgotten.. But dont know why it suddenly popped into my mind yesterday evening and i even MSN Shyan Jun to confirm whether we are supposed to be meeting.. Believe it or not, he also had forgotten about it till he saw my MSN msg this morning.. Haha, any kind soul here can pls help me tell Mr Ah 9 that not only gals had short attention span.. guys also had..

I think my memory is more like long term attention span.. i can forgot about things that happened 15 min ago but then ended up remembering it weeks or months later.. does that makes me a weirdo? haha.. maybe..

Mentioned to Shyan Jun that we had this blogging convention soon.. and his comment is that he wont attend such things as he felt weird meeting ppl he dont know.. That makes me think.. whether i should attend.. you see, i am an anti-social type of person.. so attending the convention is pretty hard for me to really make new friends.. i will probably rot in the corners and gather some cobwebs.. Not sure not sure, still not sure.. unless maybe Chris can accompany me loh.. haha.. and let me finally see his face.. hee

Funny.. Shyan Jun was thinking that he hoped his supervisor wont call him to ask him go back and the supervisor really called. Finally found out that Shyan Jun is working at Hang Ten (think is at Toa Payoh or somewhere nearby) through the phone conversation cos he mentioned the Singapore t-shirts that only Hang Ten sells.. Anyway, he went back to the store and thus ended our short date/meeting..

Funny that i spent 1 hour to get there and spent only 50min at J8. Really nothing much to talk to him already.. used to be quite close but then he got attached to Joey and spent all his time with her.. No wonder our friendship dies... but i finally returned him the 3310 he lent me when my phone got stolen.. Hope my luck returned to me now that i am not in anybody's debt..

Off to work now!!!


  • A blogging convention sounds fascinating- a room full of people who usually communicate with other humans via their computers, ha!

    I laughed with my friend Faye once about meeting (she lives in Hawaii)- we would have to bring lap tops to have a conversation because it's the only way we are used to.
    There we will both be, sitting at a cyber cafe across the table from each other, talking in IM.

    Funny stuff.

    By Blogger introspectre, at 9:25 PM  

  • haha.. that will be fun.. Sitting across and chatting online.. should try that once i got a laptop.. hee

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:00 PM  

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