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Friday, June 24, 2005

I failed my test~~

Finally i can type...after one bowl of instant noodles and 2 packets of chocolate.... was so hungry just now that i can barely walk.. This is one reason why i never joined those 30hours hunger strike camp thingy cos i cannot even last half a day one...

I realised i forgot to mention that i actually failed my M9 test on tuesday.. Disturbed some of my friends by sms-ing them this news on tuesday.. Joycelyn called me after a while to comment that for someone who failed the test, i dont seem sad.. haha.. Dear Joycelyn, not sad cos i feel that if i pass then is really bad.. cos there is a lot of qns that i didnt really study loh.. can pass will be by luck.. Dont care leh... i got a retest on Monday..

By the way, i saw Malcolm on Tuesday at Suntec.. He was there because of the Best Denki Roadshow... He's working there temporary while waiting for ns.. Guess the roadshow will just keep moving around the shopping malls ba.. We didnt talk much cos he need to go to work.. But i did told him i fail my M9 and he said it's alright and i can just retake mah.. What a sweetheart... Sighz.. too bad he is booked by Audrey liao.. Never mind, i dont think i want younger guys anyway...

Saw some Liu Li(Chinese art glass) pendants at a pushcart in suntec.. very nice.. Think although it is not the same as those sold in paragon but still very nice and the price range is $29- $59.. really very nice... haha.. if i pass M9 on monday, i will buy one for myself... think buy one $39.. and i want to go and buy the Royce chocolates so widely advertised by Curious George.. hee..


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