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Saturday, June 04, 2005


I read Hecate's post earlier on and discovered she faced the same problem as me.. Being called "AUNTIE" at the tender age of 21..

Ya.. i had been called that too many times, mostly by the secondary school kids who came to buy cds.. Think it is just a habit.. cos they probably felt weird to call me "jie jie", meaning big sister, since they dont even know me.. I can forgave these small kids cos they are small mah and not taught properly... So now, i will always asked them to call me "jie jie" (and threaten them if they dont... wahaha)

What really bugged me are the parents? I got some customers, mostly the mothers, who would say," You dont anyhow take the cds first ah, wait auntie will call the police to catch you"

First of all, the police is not free to come and anyhow catch ppl.
Second point is i am not a powerful person to command the police at my will to come. Singapore is not crime free for nothing, the police got work one, ok..

The third point is WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING AUNTIE!!! Do you a mirror to look at your face? YOU are the auntie, not me.. Ah gal here still got smooth skin (somehow smooth lah but got pimples..) and breasts that can not sagging (whatever amount of breasts i seemed to have.. :p), etc etc.. So DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT call me auntie..

Pic from http://www.csupomona.edu/~jcwillner

I am not an auntie, YOU are...


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