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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just 1 hour...

There i was, saying that i will probably be working till 2am.. ended up i only need to work 1 hour and everything is nicely packed up..

Cant believe that the books, that we had spent 6 hours to unpack, needed only 1 hour to pack it all back.. It goes to show that the sale was quite successful and lots of books were sold off.. Apparently, the chinese books are not very popular though...

Although it ended in an hour time, i actually enjoyed doing it. Felt like i had started and ended something with my bare hands, the feeling of completion... Not sure what that means? Think it is something like when you come during sex.. ya.. that feeling, not that i really know about it though.

Anyway, heard that the roadshow is moving on to Causeway Pt.. not sure whether there is still a sale or just normal display of cheap items.. Never mind, just go check it out, ok?

Speaking of Shyan Jun earlier on, did i mention that i was sort of attracted to him one year ago? No? Well, we known each other through NYP Open House 2004 and we were both in the organising committee for the leadership cca sections. Back then, he was the SU head and that kinda attracted me to him (ya.. i love pooowerful men). Besides that, he's cute.. haha.. guess that's why i kept going to Union room even though i was not a member.. Whoops.. Of cos i also went to see Christine dear dear lah.. haha.. love going home with her..

But then i discovered that he had a thing for one of the members, Joey, his current gf. I will asked him why he dont just go and ask her out or something and he would reply that he dont want to have a relationship with someone in the same cca and she also dont want... WHAT A LAME ANSWER!!!

To me, if you really want something, just go for it. My problem is that i had never really want something so much, that's why i am always so nonchalent.. so much that i dont even care i had a job or not.. so much so that i dont mind dying tomorrow except that i'm scared of pain and i still want to travel..

So dont give me the shit of "dont want to have a relationship with someone in the cca".. Just admit that you, Mr Lim Shyan Jun, dont have the guts.. in fact, it's all because of Joey's past relationship with another guy in union and you are just damn scared that she will rejected you and then the friendship will ended.. But think about it.. If a gal let you sent her home every single school day and dont mind it at all, do you think she will reject you if you asked..

Anyway, you finally bite the bait and got caught in the love net.. Dont even know why i am bloggin about this since you wont read it but then i had finally let it out.. Whoops.. been in my system like more than 6 months already..

Okie, time to sleep. Packing books does leave a toil on me...


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