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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mos Burger sucked + Mr Midnight Autography Session

My mood is really at the extremes today... Feeling angry and frustrated at lunch to hyper and excited at the autography session to irritated during closing time of the store.. "What happened?", you may want to ask.. let me tell you..

During lunch, i decided to eat Mos Burger, but the stupid staff at the West Mall branch mixed up my order. I wanted a fish burger without mayo (ya.. i hated that stuff) but the staff on cooking duty went and add mayo, then tape the fish burger as without mayo (they will usually used 2 tapes to indicate it being special, while 1 tape is normal).

So I happily went back to the store, took one bite and went "YUCKS".. I even went to open up the burger and use a finger to drip the mayo and took a lick to confirm my suspicions.. Damn the staff.. Ended up i had to walk back down and exchange it. When i arrived, there is a crowd at the counters.. I asked the counter staff to change for me. I must admit my attitude then was very bad as i was quite pissed off..

This was the second time the staff made a mistake and caused me to waste my lunch hour and walked up and down the building. You may say that "all people make mistakes right" and i should forgive and forget. However, i find it hard as both times the mistake was made, there was not much business. In fact, my order was the only one at that period today. If there was a lot of customers, i can still forgive the staff as i knew that the West mall Mos burger is quite understaffed at times, but this is not the case today.. So ended up me being angry like hell...

After that, i managed to cool down as i made it a point not to show a bad face in front of the customers. However, i only managed to smile when the customers are paying (it takes money to make me smile.. Sighz). That changed when i went down to the West Mall atrium to be the cashier for the Mr Midnight Autography Session.

In case no one know, James Lee had just launched 4 new books for his Mr Midnight series and is holding autography sessions at different malls. This is organised by Popular Company and today's session is at West Mall from 4 to 7pm (think it dragged to 8pm though). Next Sat will be at Toa Payoh HDB hub. There are still many sessions at places like Heartland Mall, etc etc. If you want to know whether he will drop by the mall near you so that you can bring your kids, cousins, etc to meet him, let me know. I will check the time and date for you. ^_^

Anyway, my mood changed then as i was no longer confined to the small area in cd rama. Plus i saw a lot of kids, all so happy and excited in meeting the author.. haha... However, i only helped out till 6pm as i need to eat my dinner and go back to tend cd rama..

Why i became irritated after that was due to a bunch of kids.. we were doing the closing and the kids just kept banging the store's windows, etc etc, asking us to open up.. Damn irritating and also leaving their fingerprints on the windows, which i will have to wipe.. Ta ma de.. I really shouted at them through the windows.. I am so easily provoked.. heehee.. _____________________________________

Game for today: A Shitty game
It sure made me feel like vomitting.. Really hate that the instruction is in jap, but somehow managed to know how to play... Hope you enjoy it..


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