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Monday, June 13, 2005

My thoughts on News

There is a birth control pill named Yasmin... Like very similar to my name.. With my bad hearing, i am so afraid that one day strangers may be discussing about this pill and i went to reply them.

For example in pharmacy,
Stranger A: Hey, Yasmine (point to pills behind me)
Me thinking to myself "Do i know her?"
Stranger A: Very effective, very good (talking to friend, Stranger B)
Me: Errr.. Thank you?
Stranger A: Huh..

Ok.. think this is so bad... there is already so many Jasmine in this stupid world and now even product want to share my name... Sob sob... First thing to note.. no stepping in pharmacy anymore.. no Guardian or Watson...

Channel U is showing the talkshow just now... and i get so fed up that i went to forum to type this... no one replied though.. how come always got nobody comment to my thoughts.. but then, it is my blog mah.. like journal.. how can journal talked back.. i am confusing myself...

Here's what i posted"

We are humans too..

As a part time retail asst, i had tried to serve my customers with a smile most of the time but let's face it. Singaporeans are very stingy, with the "kiasuism" in them. Although most of them are nice, but they keep asking for discounts and all, which is so frustrating. How to keep your temper in place with people like that? It is really the culture thing. I cant deny that i had talked with my colleague during work, but i always make sure i had served my customers first, ok?


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