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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


You know you are obsessed on blogging when:

1. You typed blogspot.com instead of gmail.com when asked for your email. (Just did this when posting a comment on Mr Brown's blog)

2. The first thing you do everyday is to on the computer to check for new comments on blog.(If urgent, sometimes going toilet is the first thing.. but otherwise is still switching the computer on)

3. You do everything next to the computer so that you can blog about any new thing you thought of. (Ya.. i did this..)

4.You thought of new things to blog every single moment.. from going toilet to watching tv..

5. You spent the whole off day just reading and writing blogs, even to the extent of forgetting to eat your meals.

Ok.. so far that all i got... the symptoms.. alamak... In fact, i still got like 5 posts pending, all drafts... how to finish writing... Still need time to study.. tell u why i need to study tomorrow.

Listening to "Sing a Rainbow" by Delta Goodrem... It kinda gave me a fright this morning when i was waiting for the train to arrive. Cos i was standing right in front of the screen and it suddenly on the video of the Australia ad... So nice, i want to go Australia.. Think i am coming up with a new wishlist soon..

Just now, watched the TVB serial drama, Jiu Wu Zhi Zun... One of the character was suspecting that her husband did her wrong since he went and bought tiramisu (yummy!!)for her. Think women is pathetic (me included).. Treat us badly, we unhappy.. treat us too good, we also suspect is out of guilt for betraying us.. very sianz...


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