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Friday, June 10, 2005

Today is so boring~~

Find this Star Wars quiz ... ya.. i'm slow...Here's my result .

Really bored.. Energy will be at HarbourFront today, signing signatures.. One of my friend, Cheng Ying had took leave so that she can go queue up already.. Oh my god.. will i do that? I dont know.. hated crowds too much.. makes me all sweaty and smelly..

Think Christine is quite free.. still got time to go search for the meaning of "Fuck" at Dictionary.com... Read her post to see the meaning or go Dictionary.com to search yourself.

Shoutbox went on strike today.. disappeared for the whole morning.. finally back to work now.. Sianz.. All this errors are getting to me..

One good thing to note is that i am finally getting ready to work full time.. sending my resumes online and all... One of my friends, James, helped me to get an interview with Manulife. There are 3 available ones, either as a financial advisor (i cant do this.. kill me pls), one of the manager's PA (i want this a lot.. God help me!!!) and as a recruitment officer (Better than nothing).. Interview is at Monday.. Hopefully i can leave a good impression as my interview skills sucked.. Sighz..

One funny thing is that i only met James once or twice during NYP photography outing.. haha.. both of us think we seriously wont recognise each other already.. Only hope that this is a "true" job.. i dont have the money to buy insurance hor.. and my friend, Yuqian is already working as a financial advisor, so if i need to invest what little money i got, i can find him loh.. I am so skeptical sometimes that i can stand myself.. No choice cos i was cheated a lot of times..

Also went to Sentosa's website to submit the resume yesterday.. May i note that its system is a little lousy.. cos the IT person had set the submitting page to be pretty "ma fan", meaning troublesome.. cannot make it.. can getting struck having errors.. Sianz..

Ok.. going to go West Mall to buy books.. Update later..


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