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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Waste of electricity

I got reprimanded by mom just now... She woke up at 5.30am and saw the tv was still on and "asked" me to switch it off as it had been on for 24 hours... I was thinking that i had only had it on from 6pm till 5.30am, so at most only 12 hours...

But one thing an intelligent person like me had learnt long long ago is "Never argue with an angry parent." This applies to all parents in general, friend's parents, tuition kid's parents, etc etc... Thus, i silently submitted to my mom's will and switched off everything and went to bed early (considered early mah.. 5am not early meh?).

I know my mom is concerned of 3 things when she wake up and saw me awake.

No. 1: Me, my poor health, my sick body(which i kept extorting by sleeping at irregular hours), my stupid leaking running nose, the money she need to spend on the doctor for me. Period!

No.2: My brother waking up and finding me still on the computer, extorting his poor computer, and making it overworked to death... which will then resulted in the usual scolding, shouting and then me going off to bed... ( i need a laptop.. seriously, i do...)

No.3: The most important reason to my mom, i think... waste of electricity=high PUB bill=waste of her money..

Frankly, i dont know why i even had the damn tv on.. my eyes were not even glued to it after 1.30am, at the end of the entertainment program on Ch U... Guess i just like the noise... i cant be bothered to on the radio as i will need to use the web or my hp due to the non-existence of hi-fi in my home.. i need to have something around me, when my family are all dead to the world in their beds...

Even the noise of the traffic from the street outside my flat is nice, so that i know i am not alone in this cruel world.. ya, i'm a loner who is afraid of loneliness.. the irony of things like that.. I simply dread silence but there are times i welcome it too.. I'm a weirdo who dont know what i want...

A moth came by my home again this early morning around 1 plus.. I wanted to pick it up and let it go through the window but it slipped through my hands... It gave me a fright when it came, zooming around my head..

Luckily, it is not a giant one, just a small small one.. Not sure is it still in my living room.. Haha.. my flat had a tendency to attract insects and all.. Dont know why... yesterday got a bee or something (i dont know what) visited us, today got a moth.. Lucky i am not in a killing mood or i will have just slammed them with a book or something (i am getting better and better at killing things..)

Going to the Bookfair with Karen afterwhile.. but had to wait till 6 plus for her as she is working.. Hope i dont spend a lot on books there.. need to learn to curb my desires.. But seriously, top 3 things on my buying list now are a pair of contract lenses, Canon Lexus 700 and a laptop.. all damn exp... I need a job.. really i do.... :p


  • Well, get younger and live in a hostel! Like me, no parental constraints at all. The problems are, in all the hostels I stayed at so far, there's no personal TV, there's lights-out time, there's curfew (even CCA stuffs also must ask permission), there's no internet.

    I can't wait to live in NUS Halls. Cable TV and full-speed internet and all. Heh!

    You like noise, I like imagining myself in one of the fantasy stories (LOTR, Dragonlance, etc) or sci-fi (Star Wars, etc.) or even tv series (Smallville, Charmed). Very fun leh. You can be all-powerful and all. ;) Must be unhappy childhood.

    By Anonymous cH, at 12:43 AM  

  • hm ... staying in the west is some wat good ... independence is wat u will learn in Hostel .

    By Blogger AL, at 2:55 AM  

  • Haha.. I love my mom.. but i really want to get my own place soon.. Well, i must find a job first though..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 1:46 PM  

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