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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Accidentally bite myself when eating dinner... Pain!! Blood!!

Anyway, saw this cockroach cake on the I Guess I Guess I Guess show.. OMG.. and it is chocolate flavour loh.. jialat.. i will never view chocolate in the same light anymore.. I thought of Baygon and their latest ad at the bus stop with the gigantic cockroach.. Maybe they can make a cake to celebrate if their sales had improved

Wanted to google for the pic to post but cant find.. Ended up with a cockroach website and a cockroach drink.. Find a drink for Cowboy Caleb too.. wahaha...

Stupid Chris showed me this pic the other time... so disgusting loh.. Yucks..

Tired tired tired... Went Kinokuniya today and bought books ($47.90!!). One on cheesecakes (Yummy!!) and two on jewelry making.. All in chinese.. oh god.. i will need time to finish and i want to go Holland V to buy material for jewelry making.. Ahhh...

Finally cleared my school locker.. so many papers.. haha.. Saw Colleen at Yio Chu Kang Mrt station.. She was meeting a friend for dinner and currently working in a corporate sales company, in charge of events (Still dont get her job scope.. only know is sales.. wahaha)..

Supposed to report work at 6.15am tomorrow for the Harry Potter Book 6 Launch(YES!!!) but i am still watching tv and drinking soup now.. Lotus root soup!! Super nice but mom seemed to put too much carrots.. super sweet.. Sighz.. have to do all the dishes again.. i hate to be the last one to eat.. :p


  • LOL..lotus root soup with carrots!!!

    Just came back and I feel sianz...

    2mr you must cheer me up ok?

    By Anonymous curious george, at 4:00 AM  

  • wow! i love cheesecakes but it is very costly to bake one and very fattening too. that's why i stick to my love...muffins...healhtier. :)

    By Anonymous miche, at 9:16 AM  

  • You didn't search 'ka chua'? May end up with Kachuaz's blog. kekeke....

    By Blogger lancerlord, at 5:02 PM  

  • muffin's are high in calories le.. anyway i got u ur shirt le... size M...

    By Blogger cheahchuwen, at 10:33 PM  

  • CG: Sorry i didnt go.. too tired.. now also sick liao..

    miche: i find some muffins very dry.. haha.. fattening good.. i want to be fat liao..

    lancerlord: haha.. i know about Kachuaz's blog liao through Tomorrow.sg..

    Chuwen: Muahaha.. i love ya.. u are very cute.. haa

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:29 AM  

  • cockroach cake....*rubs arms*

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 11:15 AM  

  • oooh! *gasps!*
    chocolove adores me so!

    By Blogger cheahchuwen, at 11:46 AM  

  • AKK: I agree.. very yucky.. but really looked like a cockroach and still got ppl really ordered.. Things in Taiwan are amazing..

    Chuwen: Yes yes *thinking and dreaming of my t-shirt

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 3:32 PM  

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