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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I'm crazy

I am exhausted.. meet my poly friends last nite at Bugis for dinner.. Managed to went into the new National Library building to walk walk.. Blur little me keep going up and up the levels, not realising that that the sections up there are all reference.. To quote the girl who was behind me, "Dont understand why they need to build so many floors".. Yeah loh, i was getting dizzy from going all the way up.. Anyway, very sianz to know that there is only one place to borrow books and that's in B1.. So took lift down to look look.. so many ppl very sianz...

Then went to join my friends at Hans, situated at the Open Plaza.. There was a band playing (think from RP one.. haha).. very nice.. i only had a drink while my friends, Karen and Audrey ate their dinners... Audrey was lamenting whether she should send her resume to SIA or not, cos her bf, Malcolm dont like the idea of her becoming an air stewardess and that there is a lot of politics in there.. I can only tell her that it is her choice and that in the end, she is the one who had to live with it so must decide wisely..

Then went to Bugis Junction to meet up with the rest, who were held up by work.. Doreen cut her hair and become so auntie looking.. heehee... Joycelyn went and dried her hair to be more shu nu looking.. haha.. Cheng Ying and Felicia still the same loh.. :p

All of us went V8 to eat but there was a little queue.. The service crew there are not really well trained to serve us properly.. When we first showed that we want a table for 7, the guy looked shocked and looked around and then come and tell us, no place for us.. Doreen replied, "Then what do you want us to do? Go away ah?" and he replied "Must wait loh".. &$#@^&* of cos we know must wait.. still need you to tell us meh.. and tell until like that.. The service crew all dont know courtesy one.. dont know how to use "PLEASE".. waste my 10% service charge money.. And the stupid cake i ate is dry.. must be there for quite sometimes.. not nice... This is worse than Cafe Cartel..

Anyway, after we went to Seiyu to buy something for Ms Chia, one of our Personal Mentor in poly as she is going to give birth this oct or nov.. Bought some baby stuff like the bottles, etc.. Then the rest went home via mrt, leaving only Karen and me.. cos Karen is taking a bus while i'm waiting for my sec sch friend, Jane..

Karen accompanied me to hunt for a toilet.. Found one at the food centre..i think i really cannot go places like China and all.. Local toilets already made me want to puke.. haha.. then i walked for a while with Karen.. her bus stop damn far so i cannot accompany her.. sorry dear..

Jane's colleague, Jeremy was driving.. got to know his gf, Dorcas, a temp accountant.. Went to Tanan Merah Safra resort that area to meet with other colleagues... where there is a place to drink and sing ktv, with a great view of the beach and nice sounds from airplanes flying over our heads.. I dont know the ppl there so i keep quiet while i nursed a glass of red wine... Blah, i dont like it.. i want my vodka mixed with bah bah bah anyday.. haha..

The lounge closed at 2am.. so we four left to explore other places.. went to Changi Beach Club to walk the trail and then went to see Changi Village Ah Guas.. Damn chio.. Finally, Jeremy and Dorcas went to eat nasi lemak.. Both Jane and me are dead tired.. Jeremy sent both of us home, Jane to bf's place, me to my place.. Lucky he and gf stayed in my area.. arrived home at 4.30am and bathe and collapsed with smelly hair (full of cigarettte smell)..


  • Your friends so naughty, kept you up til so "early"..hurhur

    actually,i'm better right??? LOL

    By Anonymous curious george, at 1:08 PM  

  • Hope your driver friend was responsible and did not drink alcohol.

    Mundane, often-repeated but good advice: Don't Drnk when You Drive.

    Took many late nights not good for you.

    By Anonymous K, at 2:05 PM  

  • so full of energy, kids these days...sighz...*creaking*

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 1:52 AM  

  • CG: Haha.. u are the same lah.. dont pretend.. just that u dont have the chance to do that yet at the moment.. :p

    k: Actually, he did have 1 glass.. only one.. very very sober person.. :p

    AKK: Not kid liao hor.. adult liao.. just want to enjoy more when i can..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 2:42 AM  

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