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Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's so damn hot..

You can actually tell that the actual summer has arrived in Singapore, despite there is only one season.. The weather suddenly becomes so hot that you cant sleep at night without a fan or aircon.. There is hardly any breeze when you walked to the mrt, thus you ended up sweating like a pig and smelling awful (waste my time in bathing.. still smelly..blah)

I went to work part time on tuesday (5th july) after the horrible 24 hours thingy.. As the renovation sale is set up at the open plaza (the atrium is used for some storytelling event on sat and sun, i think), it is so hot i can cry.. When it is hot, i tend to scratch myself a lot.. so much so that i got many red marks on my neck liao...

See.. red red ones..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's a bigger pic..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also discovered i made a small mark the day before when i was packing the cds.. Pulled the masking tape too fast so caused this.. haha.. jialat..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

To make matters worse, i was "suaned" by my manager.. She needed to record my working hours earlier so i was saying that i only left at 12 noon.. and i worked 24 hours loh.. And she said the other 3 guys who stayed the night went home and then came back and worked till closing loh.. i only 24 hours, no big deal mah..

Fine.. ok.. no big deal.. i keep quiet loh.. Cos quite true mah.. they worked while i was lying in bed and watching tv.. While she was recording, i was kinda of hanging around the cashier counter cos it is near the entrance of the mall and the aircon blew out when the doors opened.. She asked me to go back to my cd section to look carefully cos there was suspected cases of shoplifting the day before..
I replied that i can see from where i am standing and that it is weird to stand at one side of the table, staring at the customers all the time.. But she wanted me to go back and the way she said it made me very sianz.. "Why else do i need you here if not to look after the cd section?"

Ok ok.. very logical..so i made the excuse to say that i just wanted to see the timecard and then i will go back.. Then she freaking hell threw the card at me.. It fell to the ground and i picked it up.. I was very mad at her behaviour.. i mean we are considered friends outside work loh.. Even if u are the boss, you cannot insult ppl like that.. throw at me like i am a begger ah.. maybe there are dozens and dozens of ppl wanting this damn job.. but i sweared i can find something better.. Is it true friends cant work together?

I know she dont like my attitude, which kinda of sucked the more i work at Popular.. i mean look at us, the staff are just not motivated and nobody is doing any shit to change that.. I turned from a gal who will just follow whatever instructions given to someone who will give 10times of questions back to ask why i need to do it.. even if i am doing it quietly, my mind is full of "why am i the one doing it? Why cant you do it?" i dont know why.. but i'm such a inflexible person that i stayed on despite the shit..

Anyway, i went back to work, fed up and i was just piling the cds while sweating and sweating (didnt lose much weight though..) I was so angry that when someone asked me to take a stand from another table, my reply was "Pls help me take it.. i cannot move from this table.. my duty is to watch the cds.." During dinner, my manager seemed to has heard the story from others and talked nicely to me, letting me not that she did not have anything against me but just that she need to ensure that the cds are not stolen.. Ok.. i am actually the "anger comes fast and anger goes fast" type and i wasnt really bothered anymore..


I was actually asked to work on Wed too but i declined.. too hot for me plus i need to study.. i went to the manulife office to study.. Cant remember all the facts.. ahhh.. Anyway, there was a bbq session on thursday with the popular staff.. i will blog about it tomorrow..


  • the scratch on your neck...are u sure that's not a love bite? hohoho

    By Anonymous miche, at 11:59 AM  

  • Since when summer left Singapore in the first place har? :P

    By Anonymous Jaywalk, at 12:08 PM  

  • i agree with jaywalk leh...eternal summer...*groan* u do manicures? maybe if u stick on those fake nails that look sooooo lovely, then u'll think twice about ruining them when u feel like scratching? I stopped biting my nails after my mum put braces on me...:) so maybe doing manicure can help stop the scratching?

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 2:38 PM  

  • Singapore forever summer. Summer in and summer out. :)

    By Blogger lancerlord, at 5:35 PM  

  • miche: sorry.. no guys so where got love bites.. even if got still may not really shown loh.. but i'm sure that you must be speaking from experience.. so do show us the works from your dear hubby wor.. hurhurhur..

    jaywalk: Point taken.. i added the word "actual" liao..

    AKK:I dont though i will like to.. but since i tend to ruin my nails somehow (when bullying guys, etc), i dont want to waste the money.. but the braces thingy.. hmmm.. i can consider since i also bite my nails.. haha

    lancerlord:Summer in and summer out. Singapore till i want to yucks..

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 12:00 AM  

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