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Monday, July 04, 2005

The Killer 24 Hours

As i went out with my friends on Saturday, i ended up only with 3 hours of sleep.. and i went to work at 9.30am on Sunday.. i just got back at 12pm today, on Monday.. This means i had worked for 26 hours.. (24 after minus the lunch and dinner break) I had only closed my eyes twice for a 15 min naps at 5am and 9.45am just now..

So what were i doing and why am i doing OT.. It's because the Popular at West Mall branch is having a renovation and will be operating at the Open Plaza for the next two weeks when the renovation is underway.. Hot beyond hot and cold beyond cold.. All out in the open.. Damn jialat..

renovation sale
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See how empty the whole store is.. Empty shelves everywhere, with cartons on the floor everywhere..

empty store
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I was so tired that even when i tried to take some pics in the empty store, my eyes are closed most of the time..

sleepy me
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Must force them open.. become like alien liao

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Took a pic with the Jay Chou poster at CD Rama.. haha.. I am a siao zai bo liao..

me and jay
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I had to pack cds into cartons and sealed them up.. then bring the sellable ones to the open plaza to display.. I didnt do a lot for the packing but i was the only one unloading the cds at the open plaza. I had thought that my supervisor and colleague will joined me but i was wrong.. And there i was, working alone quietly from 1 to 6am.. I was at loss to how to display the goods as we had too much stuff and too little space.. so i just piled the cds up loh.. I wasnt working throughout as i did rest to eat and chat with the others who remained.. It was quite warm and i feel very itchy.. *scratch and scratch*

Only 5 people (3 guys & 2 females) was left at 5am.. amd we were the ones who stayed till 9plus.. And i'm glad we 5 stayed cos at 6am, it started to rain really heavily with lot of strong wind.. The 3 guys went around to tie the tent covers together, but the wind was really strong from one side and the string broke twice.. We 2 females had to run around covering the display with tarpaulin.. My manager, Hueyling had arrived during the tying session and joined as in holding the 2 sides of the cover together while the 3 guys ran outside to tie some wood to the end to make the cover heavier and wont flip so much... Everyone was wet, especially the guys who were soaked from top to bottom.

One thing i hate the most is the security guards at West Mall.. The bastard guard strolled in when we were holding onto the canvas covers for our dear lives and the guys were out in the rain tying the wood.. Strolled in with arms folded and smiling.. Took a look and walked back to West Mall.. WTF? Hello, can you even help? Or pretend to help.. not like you are the only guard in the whole damn place and West Mall will be destroyed without your "so-called" patrolling.. Heck, i see you guys chatting sometimes loh and the world dont fall apart..

Popular is a tenant of West Mall and we are paying you your goddamn salary so that makes us your boss.. You asshole.. Die.. i wish i had a gun or stick or something and can hit him.. One of the guys who stayed, Raymond, is the Operation Manager for the store. He said he will probably feedback about this to the West Mall management.. No use one, the West Mall management is fucked up one.. That's why there is no longer any autograph session held there anymore.. all companies preferred IMM, which is nearby as it is bigger and i think the management is also better.. it is not the first time i had a bad experience with West mall security.. I should blog about it another time..

Back to the rain thingy.. Finally settled the covers but some stuff are wet... Thus had to call up the staff to come early to help in the cleaning up.. We were resting and chatting amidst kopi and milo when they mentioned about something similar happened to the Jurong East branch too.. But their situation was worse back then as the canvas cover was blew away and police was notified and all.. Lucky ours is still ok.. I was advised to go home and rest.. but i persisted and helped up in cleaning.. Maybe i was so tired till i cant feel the tiredness.. i did changed out of my wet t-shirt..

I finally left at 11.47am.. Took my stuff and a packed box of chicken rice and went home.. i was the last one out of the 5 people to go home as the others left at 10plus to go home and changed.. Well, at least i dont need to come back in the afternoon unlike some of them.. i can sleep and sleep..

It so happened that there is some works going on at my hdb block, where the wires are changed.. Thus electricity was switched off and i had a cold bath.. Luckily i was feeling hot so it is good for me.. but i was afraid that i will catch a cold or something.. Despite mom's warning about sleeping with wet hair, i soon fell asleep after eating my lunch with not-yet-dry hair.. Anyway, only managed to sleep till 6.. haha.. And i am working tomorrow.. Sighz..


  • wow. you must get lotsa pay raise. what a harworking employee. wanna work with me or for me? hehe

    By Anonymous miche, at 1:43 PM  

  • Poor thing...

    Come..I sayang you...:)

    By Anonymous curious george, at 10:07 PM  

  • miche: Haha.. you are in malaysia leh.. how to work? online ah?

    CG: Thank you :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:45 PM  

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