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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Zpop Concert 2005

A great THANKS to Barffie for giving me 4 tixs to the Zpop Concert 2005.. it was very nice to be able to go to it as it was my first time going to a Zpop Concert.. (Yea, i had no life in the past..)

Supposed to go to her office at International Plaza to take the tixs from her but blur little one heard wrongly that it was in suntec.. was still wondering when did her office changed location.. :p Anyway, went from suntec mall to international plaza then back again..

Since there was time before my friends arrived, i went to Millenia walk and finally get to see the chocolate shop that was featured in tv before.. really got a lot of chocolates..

This is the mix and match section.. Chocolates are $3.80 for 100g and Gummy sweets are $2 per 100g

My ah gal, Karen arrived first but then she went to accompanied her friend to eat cos the other ah gal Audrey want to eat long john silver so i went to join her and chengying... By the time, we finished eating, it was 5.15pm.. so we 3 went to suntec to meet with Karen.. Audrey helped me to brush up on my foundation and also applied her blusher for me (cos i never bring mine)..

We went to the the stage left section but found it a bit packed in front.. Karen's friends are on the other side so we decided to go out and enter by the other door... This is my Zpop chop on my right hand.. heehee..When we got there, the performer was Jaime, who sounded ok..

The stage right was not as packed.. maybe cos it is still early? By this time, it was the Singapore idol, Maia Lee, who was performing.. Audrey said her face is a bit fat fat.. hee.. I cant distinguish her voice from Jaime loh.. thought same person.. haha..

The early performers only got to sing 2 songs, at most 3 songs loh cos they are like not very famous ones.. Then slowly after 9pm, came the exciting part, where there are screams all around and Audrey, Chengying and me rushed to stand at the side to see better...

JJ Lin Junjie is here... He performed 3 individual songs and 1 duet with his shimei, Jin Sha.. I got tired from standing and decided to just stand down and look at him from the super BIG screen...Here's some pics i took of the screen...

After him, were all the big shots liao.. 183 Club, the Korean singer Li Dong Jian, Gigi Leung and Ah mei... President Nathan was also here at the last part, in time to see 2 or 3 performance.. He was actually there to give out the awards to the performers and the donars..

After the concert, we decided to go for supper.. were debating against Maxwell and Geylang and even walked one big round cos we wented to go catch the last train, which we missed.. Finally took bus 80 to Geylang.. Just chose one place to eat.. but i found my supper tasteless.. hee.. Got a free ride home by Audrey's sis's friends..

Reached home at 2 plus.. Supposed to chat with my friend online but he super slow in replying and i dozed off.. Conclusion is if u want to chat with me when i am sleepy, pls reply very fast.. Arigato..


  • LOL...no wonder saw you online this morning...

    I slept at 6 plus..:P

    By Anonymous curious george, at 3:43 PM  

  • How was Gigi? Did she look as pretty off TV?

    By Blogger Beng, at 9:05 PM  

  • I got so much sins chocolates I can give u some. The same shop u went to also where the chocs are.

    By Blogger frenie, at 10:04 PM  

  • CG: Heehee.. u also sleep very early hor.. hahaha

    beng: you come to my blog to drool over gigi ah.. Hmphz.. She's very chio.. she wear a black top and more formal than others..

    frenie: is it? i thought the sins shop is 4 to 5 shops away.. hehe.. i also got a lot of packets of kinder bueno.. haha

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 1:20 AM  

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