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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Eski Bar

I went to Eski bar at Circular Rd last sat.. Not so fun loh... it was very cold when you first go in at the entrance cos it is 3 degrees.. but when moved into the inner room, it is not as cold due to higher temperatures and more ppl... Sighz.. I want to go Ice Bar instead.. At Clarke Quay... Who want to go? I drank eski blue, which is lychee flavour.. Nice...

Me with Jane

Jane and BF...

We waited a while then got seats... then got a stupid guy from the next table, who kept knocking his feet onto the feet rest ( or leg rest?) against the rhythms of the music... made Jane and me so fed up then we started banging against the bar too.. but not much effect cos his feet were not on the bar.. Sighz.. i know, very childish act... Went to Geylang to eat supper after that.. ate at a place which is famous for its you tian.. haha.. Then went home sleep sleep...

Now watching the vcds of the Korean drama, "Stairways of Heaven".. Just remembered i got the vcds long ago and havent watch it yet after i saw channel u advertisements.. I bought the vcds from Poh Kim months ago and only opened it last sunday.. The thing is that i discovered that most of the discs had fingerprints on it or scratches... this obviously means that the staff had opened the discs and then re-sealed it back. Plus there is not enough pockets for the cds.. Have to stack two cds in some of the pockets... Lousy..

I wanted to exchange it at Jurong east cos very lazy to go back to yishun but as i dont have any receipt, the staff dont allow me to exchange and asked me to go back yishun... Actually i got the receipt but it is too long ago loh.. Sianz... I still want to change even though i had started watching it.. Very sad show.. i cry and cry.. heehee


  • haiyah...all the korean shows all so sadz one...i dun like!

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 11:58 PM  

  • i like korean shows..

    but i always am a crybaby.. lol

    so ca't watch too much.. made me very emotional leh

    By Blogger Winter, at 12:07 AM  

  • i dun watch korean shows at all. Eh the shop damn sai. U can dun go there anymore.

    By Blogger frenie, at 1:19 AM  

  • hey, go eski bar nv call mi along.. haha. next time go there..wat's e charges there? wed ladies nite??

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:59 AM  

  • Ooo... eski angels!!

    I went there a few times during my last return to Singapore. Perhaps I was already used to cold temperatures overseas, so don't feel very cold leh... either that or it was the loads of alcohol keeping me all warm. :)

    By Anonymous Jaywalk, at 12:58 PM  

  • AKK: I like can liao.. u enjoy your happiness lah, no need to cry..

    Vanna: Crying is good ah.. especially when you are stressed out..

    Yanfang: The shop okay lah... Why dont watch.. so nice...

    Kit Yee: Gal, i dont know about the ladies nite thingy.. Drinks about $16 plus loh...

    Sugar Daddy: Must be the alcohol... haha

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 10:44 PM  

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