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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I know i promised a entry on the Thailand trip but that is going to take a while so i decided to do this short post instead..

I met Jane at Jurong East Mrt Station today at 10.30pm cos we wanted to go Esplanade to watch the fireworks at midnight.. We reached at 11pm. By then, it was pretty packed when a lot of tripods by the linkway towards the Merlion...

I was super tempted to throw the tripods into the Singapore river to see whether the owners will cry or not.. cos most of them were just leaving the tripods near the railing to "book" the space first while sitting down, relaxing.. some even have the camera bags lying on the floor near the railing.. Really wanted to teach them a lesson..

Anyway, the two of us walked to Bakerzin, wanting to sit there and watch the fireworks. But it was also full, thus when another friend, Xin Kai, arrived, the three of us walked to the place near the merlion..

Waited a while. Finally at midnight, the fireworks display started.. there is this stupid couple who moved into my way.. Bastards ah.. Squeezed me out of my good view.. another couple also knocked into Xin Kai, when he was using my SLR camera to take the pics of the firework..

Anyway, i suspected the pics will not turned out very good cos i didnt bring my tripod with me (Damn heavy hor!!).. But i did use Xin Kai's phone to take videos.. I put up the link liao.. it is a bit shaky on some parts cos my arm damn tired from holding the phone high high.. Enjoy viewing wor...

Fireworks video part 1

Fireworks video part 2

Took a pic with the Merlion after that. Only one pic cos Xin Kai used up my film for the fireworks..Went to Lao Pa Satafter that to eat satays. Ordered 30 satays, 4 chicken wings, 1 rice..

This is Xin Kai, the yandao.. Now year 1 in NTU engineering.. Living in hostel Blk 1.. Pls go and woo him if u like him..

This is the two cuties.. wahaha... Hungry ah..

After eating, we chatted and chatted.. Time flew and it was 2 am liao.. The place was closing so we started to make our way to Clarke Quay to take Night rider home.. I ordered Xin Kai to leave only when we two gals had left.. What a nice guy hor.. So ALL gals out there, pls grab him while you can.. heehee.. ok ok.. time for bed..nighty :p Oh and one last thing...



  • dun b lazy. Blog more leh abt ur trip. teehee

    By Blogger frenie, at 12:37 PM  

  • Yanfang:Orr.. Lazy mah.. hee

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 8:43 PM  

  • I was also there to see the fireworks lei... didnt see how.

    but so many ppl, how to see u..hahhaa... i oso considering uploading the video to my blog...see if i can downsize it

    By Blogger Leonard, at 5:25 PM  

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