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Monday, August 01, 2005

Superstar Session

I woke up yesterday morning and found my hair ends looking like this...

Haha.. looked like weed.. :p ANyway, i was feeling bored so i decided to go to IMM to see Superstar contestants.. (yes, i very bo liao) I had to push off a meeting with my poly senior because i completely forgot about it.. But then hor, i hoped she is not selling me anything lah.. So weird for her to contact me out of the blue... Almost like me that time, contacting ppl i had lost touch so that i can introduce stuff to them.. Why am i always so skeptic? Dont know.. it is in me leh :p

I arrived at 3pm.. by then there is already so many ppl there.. super hot and i was sweating like a pig (oink oink).. The VJ is playing some game with the audience.. the lucky winners will get an autographed pic of their favourite contestant :p

The contestants finally arrived at 3.30pm and there was lots of excitement from the crowd.. the females came up first for interview.. You can see that Kelly has the most support from the crowd from the loud cheers being shouted (the other 3 also got supporters but not as loud.. maybe most of their supporters are lazy to come to the West?)

When the males came up the stage, the crowd became louder.. Maybe because most of them are xiao meimei? For the males, the most popular are both Derrick and Junyang... Junyang's supporters are like from fan club.. all wear yellow t-shirt.. very funny.. Weilian also has his supporters.. Only Jason seemed to has no one supporting..

After the brief interview, they gave away their pics with autographs to the lucky winners of the game. After that, all the contestants sang to the song, "Mouse loves rice".. Not live loh but they got dance a bit (if that is considered dance.. blah)..

Then the whole thing finished liao.. And i can see the rubbish here and there.. TMD, someone really need to teach the kids something.. otherwise they think littering is fine.. bad influence loh.. and who suffer in the end? The cleaners loh.. So sianz...

Went to Jurong East Entertainment Centre to eat Long John Silver.. then went to Yishun to drop my contact lense cos one of the lenses is already spoilt when i opened the case the first time this morning.. Beginning to regret going there to make the lenses liao.. cos although is cheap, the service a bit cannot make it and so far.. maybe cos i very fussy ba.. but this is the first time, i make contact lenses and the person gave me nothing loh.. no case for me to put.. no free solution( i told u i cheapskate liao :p).. Even if i got them already, still must give me some mah..I am the type who is too polite in reality but will crap here crap there in my mind.. Sighz.. i must learn to be damn rude...

Meeting Jocelyn to collect air tixs today.. On my way there, i saw this guy..

Super cool hairstyle.. remember David Beckham's ex hairstyle, like the cock's hair on top.. That one loh.. super admire him for his courage but cant stop laughing silently in my heart and cant stop sms-ing ppl to tell them what i had seen :p Anyway, went home after collecting the tixs.. haha..


  • my dear, the hairstyle is called a MOHAWK. haha~

    By Blogger sassyjan, at 4:43 PM  

  • You are TOTALLY RIGHT about the "too polite" in reality and crapping in your mind. I do the same thing too man!

    So bad, kena cheated a few times in Sim Lim already, so now before I go I get into battle mode:


    Otherwise they simply don't give you face, Woohoo

    By Blogger BluishSky, at 10:48 AM  

  • Janice: Wahaha..now i know.. but very power ah, that hairstyle...

    Christopher: Haha.. yeah loh.. but never mind loh.. me dont have strong purchasing power mah.. :p

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 11:56 AM  

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