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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


My stomach still not ok on Sunday but I still happily went to support the Superstars at West Mall.. It was raining cats and dogs when I reached the place and a lot of fans had already gathered around the stage, wearing raincoats or carrying umbrellas.. I don’t understand why the organizer chose to host it at West Mall since there is so little space..

I didn’t want to be in the rain so I went up to Popular to disturb my friends first..Disturb and disturb for 15 min, then finally went down to join the crowd.. Although I had an umbrella but the rain is really really too big…Lucky my top is a sweater so it kept me warm.. Wait and wait and then decided to go and wait under the shelter as my view is blocked by the umbrellas in front…

I bought Weilian’s single cos the money is from my mom and she had said, “Buy Weilian’s single. Don’t buy Kelly’s one.” Haha.. okay loh.. Anyway, I prefer Weilian among the two of them..I asked my friend, Adrian, to help me to take the cd single up the stage to sign since he was helping the West Mall management to get their cd singles signed..

Finally the rain stopped and I went by to stand at a place where I can view the stage.. The autograph session took a while.. Finally, it ended at 3 to 4 plus and the other Superstars finalists (those who are voted out) came on stage… Wow.. there are screams for Junyang, Derrick and Wei Choong… Took some pics of them but very very small… Sighz…

Very soon they all left and some fans went and chase after them in chartered vans… Got 3 vans, one of them was booked by Derrick.. They are really willing to spend money hor.. why not give it to me to spend instead.. I sure would put it to good use.. heehee… I am thinking of going IMM on this coming Sunday to support them again…. Who want to join me…?


Went to watch “The Maid” on Monday night with Jane at Causeway Pt.. Quite scary for both of us lah.. so much so that we still kept recalling the scenes over and over a few days later.. Oh, and the mailman in the movie looked so cute.. heehee..

Don’t know why other ppl said it is not good.. Not good then why still got so many ppl see? The theatre was packed loh, mostly couples… Maybe those boyfriends want to bring girlfriends to see it so that they can hug hug in the theatre? Don’t know.. haha

My view is that when you don’t have a very high expectation, then you wont be disappointed so easily.. That’s how I feel when I go in the theatre each time (Harry potter is an exception though.. very HIGH expectation for it.. hee).. Like that then wont waste my money… wait you spent so much money then still not happy, then spend for what?


Went to eat Fish Head Curry at Jurong West For lunch today.. Forgot to take pics but the food is nice… Cannot imagine me eating curry cos I don’t take spicy stuff one… But since my colleagues said is nice so I went loh.. One good thing was that the spicy stuff probably triggered my stomach cos I finally cleared my bowels today…. Yay.. not a lot but at least my stomach don’t feel so uncomfortable liao…

Me seemed to be changing my tastes, drinking, going out, eating spicy stuff… No longer the gal I used to be.. Haha.. Is it good or bad?


  • i watched The Maid....
    not that scary but i screamed at 1 scene..hurhur

    By Anonymous curious george, at 7:42 PM  

  • CG: Which scene?

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:53 PM  

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