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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Karaoke with Jane

I just went to sing k at the partyworld @ woodlands civic centre with Jane.. Imagine the two of us occupying a room and singing for 4 hours straight... U can understand how sore my throat is right now.. Time to drink more water and go to sleep... Tata~~


  • Which jane?

    By Blogger NaiveGuy, at 9:21 AM  

  • wah.. bo jio!

    By Blogger sassyjan, at 2:29 PM  

  • NG: Not the Jane in the bar.. my friend lah..

    Janice:Heehee.. Forgot liao.. Got one Chinatown outing coming up for barflies.. Can go together loh

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 8:44 PM  

  • jas> u better go for the chinatown one.. hahaha

    if not, i am so going to kill u..

    when's our movie date??

    By Blogger Winter, at 12:37 PM  

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