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Monday, October 31, 2005


Damn pissed with a colleague in the finance dept... I admitted that i may be a bit harsh in my tone when i spoke to her this afternoon for something that is not her fault. But if she want to find fault, she still tell me straight and not be a backstabber and spoke to my hr colleague instead.. And when i apolognized, she sounded so rude, like she is the queen or something... Blah..

To her and all the finance ppl:
If you are so good, then leave this damn company lah.. OH i forgot, you still need this damn pay to support your studies.. Hmphz.. Still dared to tell me that Agnes also dont like my tone.. Want to sow conflict between us ah.. Fine.. I am fed up with Finance ppl.. Treat us HR like your dogs ah.. everything want to push to us to do.. even your stupid stock take also need to help out... Then we asked u all to do recep duties and u complain soooo much.. U all got so many ppl still cannot complete your tasks ah.. Cannot make it... Even send cheques must ask recep to type for u.. she not here then u guys want to exploit us.. Bunches of BITCHES.. just so like your financial boss bitch.. No wonder all so fuck up... FINE~~


  • Don't angry lah. Got drink liang teh. Arh bor, confirm sure kena pimple pimple one. :P

    By Anonymous Jay "Jia Jia Liang Cha" Walk, at 5:43 AM  

  • %#^(*(#!#$ helping you to vent your frustrations!

    By Anonymous kryx, at 4:43 PM  

  • in this place where i work, if you 'do' other people's duties, you are being helpful and cooperative. if you do not agree to 'do' other people's duties, you are not a team player. if you talk back, you are being rude, if other people talk back to you, they are not being rude.

    what to do? such is working life!

    By Blogger mihuatang, at 10:55 AM  

  • Ah girl, welcome to the working world. For me, I just siam certain people and only communicate with them when necessary. You'd never know who's capable of backstabbing!
    Go karaoke more to destress lor. :-P

    By Anonymous co-editor, at 12:12 PM  

  • wah lau....voodoo dolls!!!

    By Blogger Ang Ku Kueh, at 11:08 PM  

  • be cool. relax.

    By Blogger KwokSiong, at 12:09 AM  

  • Jay Daddy: Drinking everyday and still got the damn pimples ah..

    kryx: haha.. thanks.. want to lend me your arm to bite to vent my anger?

    mihuatang: i hate working life..

    Mummy: It's ok.. i talked to her already... We are acting cool and pretending nothing happened.. lucky we dont really need to talk much.. and she is a damn christian loh..

    AKK: Huh? Where got mention voodoo dolls? But then hor, i did bought something in Bangkok that looked like voodoo dolls.. haha.. maybe can come in handy.. U need it for future uses?

    Kwoksiong: Trying very hard...

    By Blogger Jaschocolate, at 7:15 PM  

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