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Saturday, October 01, 2005


I went to the Superstars concert yesterday, which was held in Expo... I got the ticket from my friend, Zeguang, who got an extra ticket from buying the Superstars cd.. Heehee.. so i managed to watch for free loh.. But we had to sit separately cos he got a better ticket :p

Saw some ppl using binoculars again.. in front and besides me... haha.. i should have buy one too..

My seat is quite far, almost the same distance as the time i went to watch the Superstars final in the indoor stadium...

The show started with a display of laser lights.. which is a waste of money.. haha

I love the videos where the Superstars contestants imitated the five Superstars judges.. wahaha.. very humorous...

I bought the cd then and got a free poster...

Shared a cab home with Zeguang... i was sooooo tired that i slept through the 40 min on the cab.. haha.. Worst thing is that i had to go to work today....


  • hows the CD? nice anot, confirm nice one right? i very tempted to buy siA


    By Blogger Amanda Val Ng, at 1:42 AM  

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