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Thursday, October 13, 2005

A tale of 2 sisters

I just watched the korean movie, "A tale of two sisters" on dvd..

Pic from Cinemovies.fr

It is said to be a horror movie but i found it to be more of a family tragedy movie.. Its music made it a bit scary in between, but as the movie progress on and the plot became clearer, you feel sadder watching it..

The kinship between the two sisters touched me.. Reminded me of my bro and me.. Although not as close but we are ok.. We can fool around, quarrel and discuss together.. Just hated him disturbing me sometimes when i am not in the mood.. that's the spark that light up our arguements most of the times, when we disturb each other at the wrong times...

But i'm glad to have a brother to accompany me in my childhood days.. Time to watch more tv.. will update soon...


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