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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

All of us need to be psychic

Today, there was a funny conversation between me and my colleagues.. As my company had merged with another company last year, both companies are still under the state of integration, of gettting to a middle grounds since there are quite a lot of differences from benefits to working hours, etc..

One of the staff over there was assigned to work together with my recruitment officer for the integration for their recruitment work and she actually shared with my officer that her manager dont want her to advertise but still wanted her to try to be able to fill the vacancies.. She is actually fresh from uni loh, so not much experience also..

The main reason for not allowing any advertisement is due to the fact that not much ppl are looking for a job at this period as they usually waited after getting the bonus. So my recruitment officer was sharing this info with the rest of us hr ppl (actually only got 3 of us.. 2 others went to the ubi plant to conduct orientation.. hee).

After hearing this, i made a funny comment loh.. Saying something like "不让我们 advertise, then 我们以后要找人, 要自己发功, 叫他们 ‘快点来, 快点 send resume 进来。'

Translation: "Dont allow us to advertise, then the next time we need to find ppl, we all must use our inner energy and ask the ppl to send their resumes in quickly, that we are looking for them to fill our positions.."

As i was saying the above sentence, i was doing this action..

Pic taken from DDAF

Yeah, two fingers pointing at each side of my head.. haha.. All of us burst out laughing... i laughed till tears flowed and my face cramped..

Moral of the story:

If you want to save money and still demand too much.. i believe there will be more and more vacancies soon.. Expectations should not be too much for us to handle, should be at an acceptable range... And one last point, the person making other ppl laugh should try not to be the one laughing the loudest... heehee

P.S. You may not find it funny, but if you were there then, you will understand how funny it was..


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