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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Congrats to Singapore Water Polo Team

Damn.. I wanted to go out today but the afternoon rain made me lazy so i sort of just lazed around at home, watching dvds.. I sweared i'm going out tomorrow and on Monday..

I ate like a bowl of instant noodles, 5 piece of chocolates, half of a whole fried chicken and two small buns in 4 hours.. Oh and a can of jia jia liang teh to hopefully cool me off.. I'm going to be super fat liao...In fact, I'm craving for ice cream now.. Hopefully from Ben and Jerry's since i never ate it before.. Maybe will be going to Suntec tomorrow since there's a scoop shop there...

But then hor, my teeth seemed to be in trouble already cos i can feel the pain when i ate cold stuff... But i'm sooooooo scared of seeing the dentist.. all because of the nightmare in primary school where the dentist helped me to "pu ye" and it was 3 tooth in two visits.. Sibeh painful hor... Just saw this dental clinic in Berlin, Germany on the evening news, whose owner spent 3 million SGD to renovate on its interior amd made it looked more like a spa or club than a dental clinic.. haha.. I wish such clinic existed in Singapore but i'm sure its fees will be damn exp...

Also been biting myself while eating these days.. not paying much attention bah.. Mom gave me an angbao, which is 2 days early.. haha.. The thing is the money inside is what i had given her last month, on her birthday.. super funny.. But the cash is a big welcome cos i'm still waiting for my next pay and i only have 500 bucks in bank and i sooooo dont want the bank to anyhow earned my $2.. It's my money loh..

And a big CONGRATULATION to the Singapore Water Polo Team, who helped us win the first gold medal.. They have been winning it for the past 21 years.. They are truly amazing...


  • eat so much. fatty bom bom

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:59 PM  

  • i believe it happy birthdya today. :)
    "Zhu" ni shen ri ku le!

    By Blogger YounG, at 3:45 PM  

  • Careful don't bite yourself too hard hor, sekali need to go surgery like me.

    Also, my teeth situation a bit similar. My lower canine will hurt when I am "heaty".

    Dentist say that my outer layer of the teeth left only a bit bit.

    I stop drinking carbonated drinks liao as it is the carbonic acid that is slowly eroding my teeth's outer layer. What do you call it? er... enamel?

    By Anonymous Jay "My Dentist Very ChioBu" Walk, at 1:00 AM  

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